The Ofsted Charade

Today we faked some more documents.

We've been worrying about Ofsted for a while. Our deputy head of department has begun altering the minutes from our previous department meetings. The aim is to show that we talk a lot about all the things that we should.

At the centre of this game is the legendary "Ofsted Folder". This is the vast pile of paperwork with which we will overwhelm the inspectors. Early on in the year, a comprehensive list was made of all the documents we needed and hours have been spent on compiling them.

This time wasted on beautiful paperwork creation should be spent on improving the education we provide. An example - all the time spent on crafting a beautiful Special Needs Policy could have been invested in actually improving our Special Needs provision. Certain paperwork is obviously necessary. Most of this, however, is paperwork for paperwork's sake.

No-one at school deserves the blame for this. The school's reputation depends on them playing the game.