How to beat the "rush it off" mentality

Most students seek to get work done as quickly as they can.

After all, they've done all the teacher asked of them. Teachers are often happy to settle for this as well. If all of a difficult set are completing the tasks you are setting, it's easy to feel like you're winning.

But is there any value in a page full of rushed and barely considered answers? Carried out in haste, even the perfectly designed learning activity becomes pointless.

The challenge therefore is not just to get students to complete work; it's to get them to produce their best. In asking for this, you are demanding a drastic shift in habits.

The answer comes in high expectations relentlessly applied. If a student rushes something off, make them do it again. They will be annoyed and many will do their best to talk themselves out of it it. But stick to your guns. Do this enough times and suddenly the message is out; mediocre will no longer do.

In your own small way, you are helping to give them an attitude which will serve them well.