The Point

Who I am

I teach English at a London school which was failing but isn't anymore. Its results remain the worst in the area. The school's surroundings aren't prosperous; over a third of our students receive free school meals.

My name is not Paul Pennyfeather.

Why I'm blogging

It's generally a bad idea to start a blog. The vast majority just clutter up the internet.

But I like Nightjack (now sadly gone) and Winston Smith. They write about their challenging jobs with candour and intelligence. In the process they say important things about the way society is. I'd be delighted to achieve something even a little bit similar.

I'm always surprised by how many people want to talk to me about my job. Everyone has an opinion.

"The kids/schools/teachers/beatings are not what they used to be."

"The kids should spend more time on spelling/counting/building walls."

In general, people don't much like the kids so they turn to the schools for the answers.

What this blog will do

1. Tell tales from “the coalface”.

: You may find a gripping portrait of the British education system.

You may find disjointed anecdotes that will make you laugh, cry or yawn.

2. Attempt to offer insight.

: I spend my working life surrounded by chaos.

Occasionally I try to work out what's going on.

What this blog won't do

1. Preach about how I am saving the world.

: I like my job and sometimes I think I achieve something worthwhile.

I don't, however, believe I am the Messiah.

2. Analyse every minor shift in education policy.

: I'll look at policy changes when they are interesting

I will ignore them when they are not.